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Mafel was born in 1986 from the merger of the "Fratelli Magni" created by our parents in the 60s. Now we are the second generation of carpenters. From a simple carpentry workshop to building construction and from semi-heavy carpentry workings, we moved on to precision mechanical processing, producing  semi-finished sheet metal products for the most varied product sectors. From the province of Milan our area of expertise has increased to include northern Italy.


Our machine park, thanks to the introduction of CNC punching and bending of sheet metal, has allowed us, together with the continuous training of personnel, to deal with increasingly complex processes and increasingly larger lots.


Like our parents we are driven by passion for our work. Thanks to the development of our technical department, which uses two-3D dimensional CAD, we are able to follow the customer from the prototyping phase to the development of the finished product, bringing our experience in determining production cycles always devoted to finding the best quality / price.


The introduction of laser cutting technology has allowed us to expand the range of processes and materials treated. The robotic interlocking of machinery has allowed us to bring our production capacity to the 24 hours a day.


The introduction of the new management software and the creation of a new packaging department, has allowed us to independently manage the client's bills of materials, even providing finished products with customer packaging ready to be shipped free of charge throughout Italy and abroad.


We handle both Kan ban and forecast orders, using our raw and semi-processed stock warehouse to always be ready to handle the customers needs. We manage lots from a single piece to thousands of pieces with the same precision and punctuality.


In search of continuous improvement, a concrete and growing attention to the environment has been added. We have installed a new 100 kwp photovoltaic system and all the corporate lighting has switched to LED technology. For some time we have been using eco-friendly products and we manage the cycle of waste produced by our processes in a complete and responsible way. Obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification and adapting to the new European GDPR always make Mafel the ideal partner for those looking for a reliable supplier of sheet metal products.


Our mission is to give our customers all the services and support they need, providing "solutions from A to Z". This will be possible only with the will to achieve the objectives of development, improvement and growth that we have implemented in all company sectors.



Good job everyone.

One day the machines will be able to solve all the problems,

but none of them will ever be able to pose one.

Albert Einstein

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